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100% P-Card compliance management and audit for today’s teleworkforce

  • Line itemized accountability, compliance, and transparency
  • Uncover hidden procurement policy violations
  • Catch them all before reconciliation and audit
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Automating P-Card compliance management and auditing may not be a thrilling topic but it’s necessary to avoid the chilling consequences of violating the FAR or your own procurement policies. You need P-Card automation software that gets to the bottom of any and all violations immediately when your bank card statement is available—and well before the cardholder and administrative officer approve it.

Do your employees and managers really know your policies and regulations?

Let’s be honest, cardholders and AO’s make mistakes in their preparation and review of purchase logs and reconciliation statements. Assembling, compiling, copying, and submitting requisition approvals, PO’s, packing slips, and invoices is another challenge.

With 40% of federal transactions occurring in June-August, managers don’t necessarily have the time to review every line for accuracy and compliance.

Your P-Card management system misses critical checks–and you may not even know it

Your current system is not designed to automatically check each line item on every invoice for compliance prior to review and approval of a cardholder’s monthly reconciliation statement. It certainly doesn’t recognize disguised (and potentially out-of-policy) micro-purchases that appear to be legitimate, but might actually violate your acquisition policies.

Discover P-Card management inefficiencies revealed through teleworking.

How FedRAMP-prepared Actus automation makes a difference

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Actus enables productivity within your hybrid procurement workforce

  • Enforces automated workflow approvals
  • Ensures adherence to separation of duty requirements
  • Assures pre-purchase funding verifications are complete
  • Accurately records, monitors, and alerts purchase log activity
  • Detects and disputes inappropriate tax charges
  • Every transaction is examined using your agency’s audit checklist

Why it matters
Recent surveys tell us 40% of federal procurement professionals are slated to retire within the next 5 years. The ability to attract and retain procurement staff hinges on their empowerment to be productive in any work environment.

Actus automation elevates hybrid workforces

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