Cloud automation elevates procurement.

Automated procurement oversight and approval management for the federal workforce

Remote P-Card Program Management

Actus provides paperless approvals, routing, policy compliance, and audit readiness from anywhere.

Working at Home

Is working from home working?

Our cloud platform provides robust governance and assurance layers to your distributed workplace environment—allowing users freedom to use their P-Card anywhere. Simplified, structured data offers the ability to find products, compare prices, and track spending from a single tool.

With Actus, dislocated workers can now communicate and cooperate on a complete administration and oversight program of procurement actions in continued support of their agency’s mission.

Actus complies with Memorandum M-20-21 by streamlining your remote workforce and micropurchase processes.

Actus is a FedRAMP prepared COTS SAAS solution delivering immediate value.

Our platform automates data capture and reporting—providing rich transactional records for paperless audit processes and structured data for decision makers.


Agile license plans available for projects, offices, components, agencies, or entire departments.


Compliance-driven approval workflows, paperless processing, and role-based controls.

Budget Friendly

Cloud automations result in lower operating costs than current processes.

Cloud Automation Elevates Your Workforce

Our cloud-based solution promotes connectivity across geography, roles, responsibilities, and workflow processes—enabling seamless synchronicity.

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