De-Risk procurement and payment processes

Current procure-to-pay processes fail to meet internal controls and risk management guidelines. Actus Automated GPC Compliance Programs are better, cheaper and faster than burdensome errors, omissions, and remediation cycles.

Actus ensures 100% compliance automations to organizational policies and regulatory requirements, delivering total accountability, compliance, and transparency.

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Requisition Checklist

Pre-purchase compliance enforces contract utilization, process reconciliation and audit assurance.

Actus provides separation of duties and digital documentation layers to awards management and payment processes. Level 5 Assurances include requisition approvals, awards management, receipt of goods, invoice payments, and reconciled documents audit on each structured item for enhanced 5-way reconciliation to comply with your organization’s risk management guidelines.

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Utilize card programs while eliminating fear, uncertainty & doubt.

Let’s be honest, contracting officers, funding officials, cardholders and administrative officers face enormous administrative burdens. Actus card management is engineered to save you time, manage risk, and bring compliance peace of mind to your organization while growing rebates earned through payment processing.

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Product Perks

Deliver actionable spend intelligence through data visualization.

Not all websites and marketplaces are created equal, and bank data has proven to be insufficient for market analysis, price variability and reasonableness, seasonality, trusted sources of supply, and more. Eliminate blind spots in financial risk management, spend activity, and audit reporting, delivered on a need-to-know, right-to-know basis with configurable dashboards to match your desktop visualization and role preferences.

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Compliant invoice processing ecosystem.

Invoice validations for goods and services ensure compliant payments. Actus processes orders for goods and manages service obligations, providing paperless approvals, routing, policy compliance, financial settlements and audit readiness from anywhere. Actus provides accounts payable assurance for your modern hybrid workforce.

Shipping Providers

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Managing Commitments
Vendor Marketplaces

Seamless marketplace integrations.

Add Zero Trust assurances to your supply chain. Actus provides additional layers of security and conveniences, enabling comparison shopping across organization-approved vendors, forums, malls, and marketplaces.

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