Success Stories

Actus delivers labor and materials cost savings to organizations of all sizes in both the public and private sector.

Paperless process outputs (such as Purchase requests, required forms, POs, Receipt of Goods, Packing Slips, eInvoices, Reconciliation, Audited Statement Packets) enabled by Actus introduce such a cost savings for agencies, the solution pays for itself more than 20 times over in labor cost savings and materials cost savings.

Labor Intensive Processes

Labor cost savings.

Although job titles may vary, the functional roles of each organization’s procure-to-pay programs are similar.

In a sample of 500 purchasing agents in a given organization, thousands would be spending time on procurement processing, oversight, approval, and audit preparation.

  • Manual tasks that can be automated: 16 hours per user, per month
  • Over 115,200 hours spent annually
  • Annual workforce labor expense for manual tasks: $5,933,952

Materials cost savings.

Document lifecycle expenses include document creation, printing, copying, storage, retrieval, and destruction. While paper use varies widely by role within a procurement program, buyers alone generate on average 3-5 pages of content per transaction for their statement packets. During peak purchasing times, an agent will generate 150 transactions in a single month—resulting in a 600-page reconciliation report!

  • 3-5 pages per transaction at $4.82 per page
  • Monthly cost per cardholder: $150.39
  • Annual organizational paper cost: $1,082,808
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