Compliance Automation Features

Actus has over 80 integrated features to automate risk management, adding comprehensive internal controls to the use of funds within procurement programs.

Command & Control Risk


Enable organizationally structured information management and compliant process workflows.


Flexibility to define custom roles to people or groups providing the tools and visibility to ensure mission success.


Control what each user can see and do based on their role.

Signature Date/Time Stamps

Visibility into the who, what, when, why, and how actions occur in your system.

Access and Use Logging

Restricted access to authorized personnel ensures data privacy and security.

Administrative Console

Hierarchy and user management are synchronized with personnel changes.

OMB M-19-16 Shared Services

Ensure best practices and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs by consuming secure and compliant shared services for P-Card management.

OMB A-123 Appendix B

100% compliance with consolidated OMB guidance for Risk Management of Government Purchase Card Programs.


Meet or exceed commercial requirements for safekeeping of personal information, privacy, and security controls with enhanced and redundant operational performance.

Request & Approve

Purchase Requests

Create, submit, and approve purchase requests from desktop and approve from mobile devices. Standardize and streamline the purchasing process from request to payment.

Standardized Purchase Requisitions

Standardize purchase requisitions and collect meaningful information such as justifications, account codes, and associated budget with structured item-level data.

Approve by Budget

With budget management controls, approvers can see the potential impact of a purchase or expense, gain insight into pending purchases, and even assign additional budget lines to a single item.

In-App Notifications

Remove bottlenecks with configurable notifications on email to your desktop or mobile device. Get notified about in-app comments, request status, approvals, Spending Card balance, item receipt, and more.

In-App Team Communications

All written communications are maintained in the historical record attached to each request with time and date stamps to provide auditable compliance with policies and regulations.

Approve on Mobile

Instantly notify approvers when a request requires their attention, providing them with the context they need to approve requests quickly and with confidence.

Catalog Items

Product catalogs allow users to select suggested items from mandatory and preferred vendors when creating a purchase request. Standing Order Management, Protocols, and Favorites ensure convenience, control, and accuracy.

Budget Visibility

Customizable dashboards give users unprecedented visibility to make budget-informed decisions. Track spend across multiple account codes and departments while tracking partial shipments, comparing obligated vs closed commitments, and more.

Approver Delegation

Don’t let out-of-office team members become a bottleneck. Approvers can push their pending and incoming purchase requests to a different approver for a set period of time.


PIV and CAC enabled logins add security while simplifying PunchOuts and accelerating workflows by enabling purchasers to shop directly on an approved vendor’s website and add shopping cart items straight into Actus for approval.

Custom Purchasing Workflows

Configure your purchasing workflows with customizable forms, purchase order numbering, and payment terms that align with your purchasing processes.

Blanket Orders and Protocol Management

Authorized team members can request items from pre-negotiated agreements. Protocol Management by project teams help enforce quality control by manufacturer, lot number and expiration dates.

Compliance Workflows

Standardized Approval Workflows

Create custom approval routings that match your organization’s structure. Ensure that the right requests are approved by the right people, in a timely and precise manner.

Custom Approval Workflows

Customize workflows by dollar values, commodities, roles, policies, and regulatory guidelines.

Workflow Augmentations

Create additional approval steps above required minimum approval workflows to accommodate infinite flexibility and transparency.

Customizable Receiving

Create pools or assign direct receivers to control conformance to materials handling and recurring services management.

Purchase & Receive

Purchase Order Management

Save on shipping costs, unlock vendor discounts, and minimize paperwork with Actus purchase order workflows. Auto-populate fields from approved purchase requests, and email your PO to vendors in seconds.

Vendor Management

Centralized vendor information at your fingertips – from contact details, tax rates, payment information, vendor insights, and beyond. Gain insight into committed spend with vendors for a set period of time.

Compliant Re-Order Automation

Easily identify vendors and items for re-purchase utilizing order history, appropriate approval workflows, revalidation of price & availability, and effortless re-ordering.


Get notified when an order is due to arrive and streamline receiving. Mark items as “received” with time and date stamped electronic signature to instantly notify the requester and purchaser, and upload the packing slip to facilitate three-way matching.

Create and Manage Electronic Purchase Orders

Streamline the purchase order creation process by pre-populating, editing, and sending POs to vendors from a centralized system.

Manage Preferred Vendors

Auto-validate registered vendors for your team that align with your organization’s purchasing strategy and comply with Section 889 requirements. Enable socio-economic goals, preferred rates, negotiated savings, and faster delivery.

Automatic Purchase Order Creation

Eliminate manual work by automatically converting an approved request to a purchase order for transmission the moment a request is approved.

Enhanced Catalog Workflows

Quickly select suggested items from preferred vendors when creating a purchase request. Standing Orders utilization is increased by automatically converting open market requests to draw-downs on contract vehicles, saving time and money.

Separation of Duties on Received Items

Achieve Separation of Duties on required receiving and automatically upload documents and pictures in support of financial management and dispute resolution. Mark items as received with electronic signature and date/time stamp.

Web Access to Purchase Orders

Manage requests, purchase orders, and receiving wherever you are. Act on the go without compromising on compliance, security, and transparency.

Automate Service Commitments and Non-Physical Goods

Automatically manage service commitments and financial obligations for non-physical goods. Manage vendor performance and the close out of commitments consistent with each service invoice, automatically matched to the original obligation.

Manage Recurring Spend

Manage recurring spend and renewals on software subscriptions and recurring services by tracking fulfillments against terms, conditions, and period of performance.

Vendor PunchOuts

Accelerate request and purchasing workflows by enabling requestors to shop directly on a vendor’s website and add shopping cart items straight into Actus for approval. Our Zero Trust SSO processes bring enhanced supply chain security.

Item Received Notifications

Be prompted to receive items and notify team members as soon as their requested items have been received. Specify whether items arrived successfully or were damaged.

Customized Purchase Orders

Configure your organization’s purchase orders to match your internal processes and aid in vendor acceptance. Add custom fields, disclaimers, shipping terms and methods, and more.

Import Vendors

Easily import vendor data into Actus: contact and routing numbers, shipping details, payment terms, and more. Integrations and API connections ensure vendor data is synced across your most important systems of record.

Centralized Documentation

Get ahead of audits with a central repository for all purchasing and financial documents. No more chasing after purchase requisitions, vendor info, POs, packing slips, quotes, invoices, bills, and payment records.

PO Email Automation

Automatically email POs to integrated vendors immediately after the purchase order is created.

Confident Coverage

Actus automations manage separation of function when there is not enough staff. Know that you’ll never have to fudge another audit!

Level 5 Reconciliation, Reporting & Audit

Custom Financial Fields

Align financial fields with your accounting and financial systems. Import and export with ease.

Post Approval Mods

Avoid unauthorized commitments and reconcile monthly statements to the penny in compliance with policy and law.

Records Management

Paperless folios are maintained for seven years for inspection, export, audit, and disposal.

Document Export/Import

All documents are exportable in PDF format and uploads are accepted in most commercially available formats.

Data Import/Export

Data storage is unlimited and included in your subscription. Data exports are available in convenient CSV formats.

Level 5 Reconciliation

Move beyond 3-way match to provide compliance, oversight and documentation management in one automated system.

Spending and Audit Alerts

Keyword alerts, pattern detection, suspicious activity alerts, and more – delivered to your desktop.

Custom Reports

Financial management, spend activity, and audit reports are delivered to desktops on a need-to-know, right-to-know basis with configurable dashboard widgets to match your desktop and role preferences.

Unlimited Dashboards

Multiple dashboards in support of your multiple missions are conveniently configured – financial, oversight, procurement, analyst, audit, requestors, receivers, property managers, and more.

Proactive Automated Audits

Transform audit from months to minutes using automations to eliminate unauthorized commitments and achieve immediate audit assurances with each bank upload.

Item Level Closeout

Actus unlocks the ability to manage closeouts at the item level, tracking receipt matched back to charges to close transactional order commitments.

Accounts Payable & Payments

Automated Bill Approval Workflows

Bills automatically flow to the next set approver based on pre-configured workflows and conditions, including dollar amount, item variance percentage, and item variance by dollar amount.

Automated Bill Creation

Streamline AP invoice processing and eliminate error-prone manual tasks with automated bill creation from validated invoices.

Custom Bill Forms

Customize bills to match the needs of your AP team and accounting system. Create granular custom fields on your bills such as location, department, and account code.

Bill Exports

Easily export bill data with the granular fields you need: vendor, bill creator, invoice date, due date, status, location, and more. Set default formats to conveniently export the bill reports you need.

Sync Bills to NetSuite

Easily sync approved bills from Actus into NetSuite, ensuring a complete and up-to-date central source of truth for your financial records.

ACH Payments

Make ACH payments to vendors after a bill is approved, accurately and on time. Manage payments in and cut costs associated with traditional bank processing.

Scheduled Payments

Schedule bill payments in advance to avoid missed or late vendor payments. No more paying bills manually one-by-one.

Mark Bills as Paid

Marking a bill as “paid” helps your organization keep track of which bills have been paid, providing a centralized view of payment statuses.

Sync Bills Paid in Actus into QuickBooks Online

Instantly sync approved bills and completed ACH payments from Actus into QuickBooks Online, along with the customized fields you need.


QuickBooks Online

Actus QuickBooks Online integration allows your finance team to view the full details of a bill’s history with a single click.


Enable your team to capture and manage purchases and bills in Actus while pushing your most critical financial records into NetSuite.


Integrate Actus with Slack desktop and mobile to keep communication centralized, and address notifications that require your input – even when you’re on the go.

Custom API

Sync data between Actus and your financial systems of record with custom APIs. Our in-house technical team is here to support your API needs.

Single Sign-On with PIV/CAC Card Authentications

Multi-method authentication protocols provide a seamless one-click login. Actus manages Zero Trust protocols for logins from one secure platform, keeping your organization’s private information safe.

Customizable Dashboards

Customizable Dashboards

Utilize separate and distinct custom dashboards for every role you perform throughout the day – requestor, financial officer, approver, purchasing agent, analyst, and auditor. On-demand data visualization is customized by user roles and permissions.


Real-time, customizable dashboards give approvers and purchasers unprecedented visibility. Track spend across multiple account codes and departments, compare committed vs spent, and more.

Orders by Vendor

Vendor report data visualizations give you actionable insights on your spend to inform day-to-day decision-making. Export reports and configure access control based on location and department.

Orders by User

Analyze purchase request volume and amount spent over a given time period, by user, location, or department. Get granular by exporting reports or diving deeper into items purchased.

Orders by Department

Easily see what percentage of purchases have been placed by each department in real time to better understand organization spend, empowering more informed budget conversations at a leadership level.

Purchase Requests

Place purchase requests easily and attach pictures of a deal, promotion, or other applicable document. See which purchase requests are pending, approved, and denied – all from your dashboard.

Approve on Mobile Devices

Easily approve purchase and Spending Card requests as well as bills – all from your phone. See which requests you’ve approved, denied, and which requests are pending your approval.

Receive Electronically on Mobile Devices

Mark items as received with electronic signature from your phone or tablet, and instantly notify team members that items have arrived. Attach the packing slip or receipt and snap pictures of any damaged deliveries, the packing slip or receipt and upload it to your purchase order within seconds.

Notifications on Mobile Devices

Email notifications to your mobile devices on order processing, receiving, transactions, and more.

Spending Cards

Physical Cards

Assign physical Spending Cards to your team while maintaining control of spend. Physical cards are perfect for on-the-go spend like in-store purchases.

Virtual Cards

Empower your team to make online, recurring, and one-off purchases with virtual Spending Cards. Easily request funds tied to individual cards with unique card numbers, used for specific vendors or projects.

Declined Card Support

Actus notifies cardholders of declined transactions and contacts the vendor for remediation, ensuring speedy order fulfillment and on-time deliveries.

Monthly Spend Limit Alerts

Ensure that cardholders are aware of spending limits and the status of available funds prior to making a purchase.

Spending Card Custom Fields

Custom financial fields may be added during the request and purchase order approval process, allowing consistency between your card program and your accounting system.

Special Items and Asset Management

Item Tagging and Workflow Management

Gain infinite item control over sensitive, hazardous, and controlled substances by aligning the right team and clearances to buy, handle, and store a wide array of materials by tagging and assigning appropriate resources.

Property Custodial Care and Management

Align and coordinate with your existing property management system with visibility into custodians, asset locations, serial numbers, and more.


Ensure project teams align on standardized, preferred, and mandatory sources for procurement and reorder of critical research, healthcare, uniform items, and more. Manage production lots and expiration dates for orders and reorders for quality control.

Contracts & Agreements Management

Blanket POs/Blanket Requests

Manage Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contracts of pre-negotiated contract items including price, service and delivery for simplied of order processing.

Standing Order Management

Manage period of performance contracts with defined contract line items, quantities, price, service, and deliveries. Avoid unauthorized commitments and enjoy improved financial management.

Commitments/Service Agreements

Finally, a compliant process to simplify the management of service agreements and recurring charges for non-physical goods such as courier commitments, social media advertising, and more.


Build a convenient list of frequently-purchased items for yourself and your team and receive pre-order alerts on price changes.

Compliance & Security

Separation of Duties

Solve this most difficult compliance challenge with control and confidence. Assign multiple roles and permissions, assuring the avoidance of violations of policy and procurement regulations.

Split Purchase Alerts

Capture items being bought with frequency across all groups and identify opportunities for special pricing and negotiated contracts while avoiding even inadvertent policy violations.

OMB A-123 Appendix B

100% compliance with consolidated OMB guidance for Risk Management of Government Purchase Card Programs.

Single Sign On via PIV/CAC or MFA

Add security to your supply chain and simplify user authentication, authorization, and compliance with duties and responsibilities.

FedRAMP FIPS Moderate Security and Operational Controls

Meet or exceed federal requirements for safekeeping of personal information, privacy, and security controls with enhanced and redundant operational performance.


Meet or exceed state, local, and non-profit organizational requirements for safekeeping of personal information, privacy, and security controls with enhanced and redundant operational performance.


Meet or exceed commercial requirements for safekeeping of personal information, privacy, and security controls with enhanced and redundant operational performance.


Embrace best practices in compliance with the requirements and guidelines established in the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014.