AWS Partner Solutions

As our technology partner, AWS securely hosts our software applications, databases, and digital assets in a vetted agile cloud environment.

Compliance as a Service

Paperless Innovations provides comprehensive cloud services surrounding procurement compliance, financial management, document lifecycle, data visualization for actionable intelligence, workforce automations, and transparency for audit & oversight.

Our expertise crosses commercial markets and the entire public sector to optimize human performance, preserve institutional knowledge, and prevent fraud, waste, & abuse in financial management. Contact us to learn more about our COTS SaaS solutions delivered through AWS and available on the AWS Marketplace.

AWS Partner


Delegate roles, permissions, and duties with modern workflows.


Automate risk management controls with a shared service for 100% compliance.


Authorize visibility to those with the right to know and need to know.

Our strategic collaboration with Paperless Innovations has provided our customers with a powerful tool to manage procurements and payments while providing desktop data for actionable spend intelligence. The solution enables procure-to-pay best practices with integration into many leading invoice payment and financial management systems.

Ann J., Director, Product Management
Fortune 500 Company

Actus and AWS, Better Together

With AWS’ powerful computing resources and Actus’ advanced compliance management tools, organizations can now easily and securely manage workflows, enjoy desktop visualization of spend data, and identify cost savings opportunities.

Our markets leverage the cloud to trust access to their acquisition data from anywhere in the world, because we utilize AWS’ robust security features to protect sensitive information. Actus benefits from AWS’ global reach to provide our secure compliance software to organizations all around the world.

Meanwhile, AWS can now offer their customers an even more comprehensive suite of services, including Purchase Card compliance automation and management solutions that seamlessly integrate with their existing infrastructure.