The AGILE Procurement Act

Published September 2, 2022

Breaking Business as Usual

Procurement cycle times often result in the identification of outdated technologies before the contract is even signed. Legislative reforms and COTS SaaS solutions are providing relief.

The AGILE Procurement Act of 2022 introduced by Senators Gary Peters (D-Mich) and Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) is making its way to the Senate floor and has only four months to pass through to the President’s desk or it will have to be shelved until the next congressional session. Delay of the bill could cause long-lasting ripple effects as the pace of technology changes continues to increase.

“It’s time for government decision makers to consider the impact of COTS technology to decrease the cycle-time between a known need and a contracted solution.”

Mike Tocci, President of Paperless Innovations

Technologies developed by small businesses are driving innovation for the government. Selecting Agile solutions provides adoption at speed. Our Actus automated procurement management platform is a prime example of innovative tools available to the government for increasing workforce value and enabling procurement workflows that are 100% compliant with policies and laws.

The AGILE Procurement Act contains language to reduce barriers for small businesses wishing to do business with the government, as well as providing a means for agencies to enhance their procurement workforce. The bill provides for consideration of junior and mid-level professionals from other job fields to access the GS-1102 General Schedule Contracting series to broaden the pool of eligible candidates for procurement positions.

Tocci further states that, ”With existing technologies, as much as 90% of an Agency’s obligations can be automated, settled, and audited within 3 days of invoice without impacting the federal workforce.”