Webcast: Compliance Automations with OMB A-123 Appendix B

Published June 2, 2023

Yesterday, we hosted a special webcast alongside our Public Sector Distribution Partner, Carahsoft. In this webinar, we discussed various topics around compliance automations including:

  • PIV/CAC enabled supply chains
  • Data visualization for actionable purchase intelligence
  • Compression of the audit cycle from months to minutes
  • Cloud first automations for recruitment and retention goals

In order to enhance their competitiveness in attracting today’s skilled workforce and retaining valuable employee expertise, public sector institutions should prioritize accountability, compliance, and transparency.

The objective is to maximize human performance, safeguard institutional knowledge, and prevent financial mismanagement through fraud, waste, and abuse. Government entities can take advantage of industry-leading methods by adopting all-encompassing cloud services that encompass procurement compliance, financial management, document lifecycle, data visualization for actionable insights, workforce automation, and transparency for audit and oversight purposes.

Paperless Innovations / Actus is actively engaged in effectively managing government purchase cards in accordance with the risk management framework outlined in the OMB A-123 Appendix B guidelines.